Livrot Mic Command - feature tour


The idea is to offer all the placeholder replacement options of a normal placeholder in phrases where a _$placeholder has been inserted as a one-of list and to have a local string variable auto created in the macro whenever entering such a _$placeholder. The speech recognizer fills that variable with the recognized placeholder replacement option. To use it you would take a normal _placeholder like '_flight_callsign' and write '_$flight_callsign' in a phrase. All replacement options of that placeholder would be given to the speech recognizer at the place of the _$placeholder in that phrase (just like synonyms). To use the advantage of the $placeholder over synonyms, create conditional brackets (see macro programming crash course) and in the condition check if the local string variable with the name _$flight_callsign equals one of the replacement options (one of the entered call signs of that placeholder). For each replacement option you can program different actions now inside the brackets behind these conditional equations. This opens many interesting usage scenarios in my opinion, as the macro action could then act depending on the replacement option spoken. Multiple _$placeholders can be combined in a phrase. Use the SRGS XML grammar if you want even more control over the single items in such a 'one-of' list.

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