Livrot Mic Command - feature tour

User Interface

Under settings -> hotkey you can define a hotkey for the OSD   ( on screen display ). Using this you can always check what has been recognized. To finetune your OSD use the log view filter under settings -> log  . The OSD is just a second customizable log display.

The font size of the UI elements and the colors can be adjusted to your needs and monitor size under settings -> colors:
Each color button shows two colors   ( fore - and background )  - left click to change the foreground color, right click for the background color. Left click and drag on another color button to copy the foreground color.  Right click and drag on another color button to copy the background color. Same but with 4th button pressed to cross copy  ( fore- to back- or back- to foreground color ).

Fontsizes can be changed all together with the fontsize cycle button. Some color schemes are readily included  ( default, dark, black, light, hype, blue, grass, red, yellow, profile ).

The screenshot of the color tab below shows five sliders: the 'A' slider is for the alpha channel permitting you to create see through backgrounds   ( log / sidepanel / button / ... ). This is usefull mostly for the log background - when you pull the alpha channel down to zero you can have a click through, see through log on your desktop.

To save layout space some buttons offer two or more functions:
- the hotkey buttons   (left click-record/double click-erase/right click-configure)
- the color buttons   (explained above)
- the buttons above each column in the editors 'headline'

Just park the mouse pointer over anything and wait 2 seconds to read the tooltip.

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log view filter

color theme default

standard color theme light

standard color theme hype

color theme dark

color theme black

standard color theme blue

standard color theme grass

standard color theme red plus small fonts selected

standard color theme yellow with big log text

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