Livrot Mic Command - feature tour

Tooltips and Manual

The manual can be opened directly with the 'manual'-icon. It exists in german and english and is always up to date with the latest version and features. You can choose the language of the manual on the preferences page of the settings window. Both manuals also exist in a dark color for darker rooms.

Check out the tooltips! Almost every button, radiobutton, checkbox, slider and textbox has a tooltip - just park the mouse pointer above them and wait 2 seconds. A lot of settings and editor pages do have a questionmark label offering a tooltip with extra information about that page. With the tooltips you have a lot of information available. They can be turned off, too.

Read the manual to learn the details about a feature that you want to use. Use the tool-tips to refresh your memory about what you have read.

This concludes the feature tour.