Livrot Mic Command - feature tour


Being forced to trigger one and the same command over and over again using the same phrase can become quite annoying. You could create another command with a different phrase and the same action to have at least two options to trigger this single command action. Synonym groups have been created to save you a lot of double command creation and to allow for maximum speech flexibility to trigger one and the same command. Think of a synonym group as of a lot of 'find and replace' strings. If one synonym of a synonym group is found in a phrase of the commandlist all the other   group members are used to create 'synonym phrases' ( = new commands with the same action) by replacing the found synonym. After having tested and fine tuned your synonyms for some weeks, they can be added to the optional phrases of the corresponding   commands with a simple click on the 'create OP' button.

If you want to be able to say 'bug' or 'insect' instead of 'fly' in all phrases where 'fly' is written: just create a synonym group with these three words. Placeholder, multiple words and whole phrases can be elements of a synonym group, too.

The topmost (highest of the list) element in a synonym group represents the group in the synonym groups list. By default only the topmost element is searched for in phrases and if found synonym phrases are created replacing it with the other synonyms of that group. Uncheck 'topmost only' for a group and all its elements are being searched for to trigger synonym creation. Groups with unchecked 'topmost only' option appear in a different color in the synonym groups list.
The function which creates synonym phrases checks for new replacement options recursively. So each created phrase is checked for all other synonym groups again (the actual group being excluded). New synonym phrases are created only if they don't exist already.

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       by checking 'display' synonym created phrases are shown in the commandlist