Livrot Mic Command - feature tour


The use of callsigns in simulations (simulated radio talk) increases immersion and realism but often is left out in speech recognition because the phrase list would become too big and the speech recognization would become less successful. Callsigns and other often changing speech elements can now be used without blowing up your commandlist. The correct replacement for your placeholder in the comandlist can be chosen anytime anywhere, by using a special speech command to enter the placeholder configuration mode. You can then say the name of a placeholder followed by the actual replacement option. This is demonstrated in the video tutorial about placeholder (old name: variables).

Just create a placeholder with its replacement options and insert the placeholder keyword preceded by an underscore character like '_callsign' in your commands. You can enter multiple replacement options at once separated by the '+' character. Placeholder can also be used in synonyms and even for audio response feedback!

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selection of a replacement option

editing replacement options

placeholder main tooltip

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