LAN keyboard

a TCP connection keyboard transmission tool.

used to free resources for flightsimulators - run the cockpit tools on a separate PC and send the keyboard output over TCP.
also in games / simulations using a relative mouse cursor some devices (touchscreen) can only be used on a second PC.
(to avoid clicking around on the main screen by using the touchscreen)

- Connection is automatically reestablished on connnection loss.
- Both ends show if connected or if the other end is paused (while trying to reconnect).
- Key combinations Control / Shift / Alt.
- Configurable output delay.
- Configurable sender buffer size.
- 'no key repeat' option on the sender.
- Settings are automatically saved when closing the apps.

Windows 7 .Net Framework 4.5.1 application
  • no administrator rights needed
  • no auto update
  • future versions will be free of charge for buyers

LAN keyboard

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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1