End User License Agreement for 'LAN keyboard'

by checking the 'I have read and accepted the licence terms' checkbox and clicking the 'continue' button the user accept the following licence terms:

The term 'LAN keyboard' is used in this EULA for the applications 'LAN keyboard sender' and 'LAN Keyboard receiver' which are sold together and need to be installed both before keyboard / mouse transmission from one PC to another can take place. Only the 'LAN keyboard sender' is provided with a copy protection and needs to contact livrot.com to download a licence.

The user may install the program up to three times. Each update resets this counter (three times again). A hardware change of three components will render the license key file obsolete and the user must get a new license key file. A hardware change of two components and a fresh windows installation will render the license key file obsolete and the user must get a new license key file. The license key file can only be obtained by connecting the install target system to the internet and entering the users 'livrot.com-account-credentials' of an activated account with available licence (one of the three licenses per version must still be unused).

Example license use:
The user may install LAN keyboard on his desktop PC, his laptop and later on exchange his GFX card and make a motherboard BIOS upgrade plus exchanging the system drive and would in that case be able to still get a license (his third) to continue using LMC on his upgraded machine. A month later an update comes out and he would install the update on his desktop PC and laptop again and would have another license left over again for future hardware upgrades.
LAN keyboard comes without any warranty as far as applicable law permits. The program itself is completely harmless and does nothing without user input. The user has to be aware of the danger which unwanted keypresses or mouse clicks can represent for the target PC.

The user alone is responsible for any damage resulting of his/her use of this program.